Taming ASUS X59GL


The ASUS X59GL has a heat issue.

The ASUS X59GL cpu and gpu are on the same heatpipe.

When both are under pressure, the cpu overheats and the laptop shuts down.

It took me a while to find that out.


This ASUS X59GL comes pre-configured with an Intel Pentium T3200 Dual Core @ 2GHz, 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD and a DVD-Burner. Shipped with Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.

OS upgrade

Windows Vista is dead. So I decided to opt for Windows 7.

I went for Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

CPU upgrade

The Intel Pentium T3200 is one of the worse cpus.

It has no SpeedStep, and an L3 cache of 1MB. Both leads to a mediocre performance.

I checked what CPU upgrade were possible. The PGA478 socket allowed any Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad.

I looked for several things: a similar cpu, with the same TDP, and a reasonable price.

I decided to upgrade the processor from an Intel Pentium T3200 to an Intel Core 2 Duo T9400.

After plugging the cpu in the socket, adding heat paste, hitting power, the laptop did… not boot.

After plugging in the old cpu, making a BIOS update from version 208 to version 222 the new cpu was recognized.

RAM upgrade

RAM upgrade from 3GB RAM from different brands to 2*2GB RAM of the same brand.



Work hours:

  • x hrs Research
  • 8 hrs Windows installation
  • 1 hrs BIOS update
  • 1 hrs CPU installation and test
  • 1 hrs RAM installation and test


13€ Parts + ?€ Work hours = 13€ Total

Fixing the heat issue

Install and configure ThrottleStop

Download ThrottleStop and extract it to “C:\Program Files (x86)\ThrottleStop”.

Download ThrottleStop.ini and put it into “C:\Program Files (x86)\ThrottleStop”.

This will configure ThrottleStop to:

“Set Multiplier” to “7.5”. Check “SLFM”. Uncheck “Disable Turbo”. Check “C States”.

After that the maximum clock changed from 2.5GHz to 2.0 GHz.

It also let ThrottleStop start minimized with no tray icon.

Configure Task Scheduler

Download ThrottleStop.xml.

Open Task Scheduler and import “ThrottleStop.xml”.

This let ThrottleStop start on boot.


This ASUS X59GL has now an Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 @ 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD.

The combination of the more efficient processor, with a different multiplier fixes the heat issue.

This with the dual channel RAM give it a bit of “oomph”.

Windows 7 works very well on it.

Web browsing, watching Youtube videos works fine. Older games should work too.

It had become a working horse. An old but solid working horse.

Future improvements

I suggest to replace the fan with a newer one. And replacing the 250GB HDD with a 250GB SSD.

I want a tool that only changes the max multiplier. When I find that, I will use that.