Edit a web page with a live updating web server


When you are a web developer, you often edit a web page, load them in your browser and refresh the page. Several times…

I know there are IDEs out there, which provide a live updating web server, but for my taste, they are too heavy.

I prefer a simple text editor like Notepad++, but I also wanted the comfort of a live updating web server.

And so I searched the web. And finally I found browser-sync.

It provides a live updating web server, without the overhead of a full blown IDE.

If you wanna use them, you have to:

  1. download and install nodejs
  2. install browser-sync
  3. run browser-sync

1. Download and install nodejs:

Download nodejs and install it.

2. Install browser-sync:

Open your terminal and run:

npm install --global browser-sync

3. Use browser-sync:

Change in the directory where your index.html file lies.

And then run:

browser-sync start --server --port 5500 --files '*.html, *.css, *.js'

This opens your default web browser and opens your index.html.

Now edit the source code of your page, and see them instantly updated in your web browser.

Happy coding! :)