2022-08-05: Git History Viewer update
2022-07-22: Fix there is no default mail client in Outlook
2022-07-21: Reset Thunderbird to the default settings
2022-07-20: Use Thundbird with iCloud-Calendar
2022-07-14: Fix Logitech C270HD image orientation
2022-05-26: Reasonable Colors palette for Gimp and Inkscape
2022-02-15: How to reset the Kodi pvr client and update the channel logos
2022-02-02: Asus B85M-E NVMe Mod
2021-10-04: Fix Hyper-V error 0x80070003
2021-09-25: Use SchemaSpy to analyze the Firefox places.sqlite database
2021-08-05: Hackintosh on the ASUS VivoBook 14
2021-02-15: Edit a web page with a live updating web server
2019-10-12: Difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino
2019-09-05: Get rid of .DS_store files on network drives
2019-09-05: Fritzbox 6490 Cable mit alternativen DNS Server
2019-02-11: Arcor Account mit Apple Mail
2019-02-10: Fixing ASUS X59GL random shutdowns
2018-02-23: Hackintosh on HP Pavilion a6769de
2018-02-23: CCache for faster compilation
2017-10-25: Fix Adobe Flash Player is using ALSA instead of PulseAudio
2017-10-15: Workaround DMA boot errors on Fedora
2017-10-09: Git for Windows and the secret GNU Toolchain
2016-02-23: Fix Firefox plugin check reports the wrong flash version
2015-06-02: Undervolt the AMD E-350 CPU with Undervolt
2015-06-02: Undervolt the AMD E-350 CPU+GPU with AmdMsrTweaker-Lnx
2015-05-23: Setup TeamTalk 5 on a Debian server
2014-07-25: Owncloud backup restore
2014-03-09: LMDE MATE edition with fancy window effects
2014-03-09: Install essential iPhone command line tools
2014-03-08: Install mint-debian-mirrors on LMDE 2014
2014-03-06: Setup sudo and disable root on your iPhone
2014-03-02: About this blog