Use SchemaSpy to analyze the Firefox places.sqlite database


I know that Firefox saves the bookmarks and history in the “places.sqlite”.

I know it is an SQLite database and I wanted to know how the tables are related to each other.

After searching the internet I found SchemaSpy.

SchemaSpy is a Java-based command line program for database analysis and visualization.

If you want to use it under Windows, you have to download SchemaSpy, the SQLite JDBC Driver and install GraphViz.

When done, open a terminal and run:

java -jar schemaspy-6.1.0.jar -t sqlite-xerial -dp sqlite-jdbc- -db places.sqlite -u root -o output -cat % -s database

That generates a website into output. Open output\index.html and explore the site.

Some screenshots of the result:

SchemaSpy - Relationships

SchemaSpy - Orphan Tables

A quite interesting article with a broader use of SchemeSpy can be found here.